Associação  Cultural VideoBrasil

Associação Cultural VideoBrasil

Sao Paulo ~ Brazil

Associação Cultural Videobrasil is a non-profit, Brazilian organization founded in 1991 by the organizers of the VideoBrasil International Electronic Art Festival and a group of artists interested in encouraging Brazilian experimental video. Today it is the centre of a major cultural network that aims at strengthening the exchange of experiences between Southern Hemisphere countries. The Associação Cultural VideoBrasil promotes the creation of multi-media works, performances, seminars and video exhibitions at museums and galleries. It holds the biennial VideoBrasil Electronic Art Festival and provides information on the electronic arts in both Latin America and abroad. The Festival consists of si ngle channel works, performances, exhibitions, and debates that try to reveal the current trends in audiovisual production. One of its main roles is to open new spaces for the diffusion and reflection on contemporary artistic production. Associação Cultural VideoBrasil has been active in the construction of a database of international visual artists. The Associação has the biggest collection of electronic art in Latin America. This collection is used for curatorships, retrospectives of artists’ work, compilations, and itinerant exhibitions in Brazil and other countries. The public circulation of these works has contributed to the diffusion of electronic art in the countries of the southern circuit, and it also has encouraged its production. Associação Cultural VideoBrasil actively promotes young talent through the electronic publication of the FF>>Dossier on its website and the publication and distribution of an Author’s Collection on DVDs with experimental documentaries about the works of contemporary artists in the southern circuit. Associação Cultural VideoBrasil transcends boundaries, by creating intercultural, interdisciplinary and interlocal links. Period VideoBrasil received an amount of 180.000 Euros for a period of three years that started in 2002.